Hello! You have found jimwrightonline.com, a website created by Jim Wright, a school psychologist and school administrator from Central New York.

You are encouraged to visit Jim's main website, Intervention Central, at http://www.interventioncentral.org. The goal of Intervention Central is to give teachers, school administrators and support staff, and parents free tools, resources, and information that they can use to promote positive classroom behaviors and foster effective learning for all children and youth.

Jim currently is a Special Education administrator in a suburban school district in Central New York. Until recently, he served as a trainer and program developer for the School-Based Intervention Team (SBIT) Project for the Syracuse (NY) City School District. SBIT is a very successful problem-solving model in which teachers work collegially with their peers to develop effective teaching and behavior management strategies for struggling students .

Jim also is past Co-Chair of the Central New York School Violence Prevention Network, an affiliation of school- and community-based professionals who meet monthly to share strategies for ensuring that schools remain safe places to learn. In November 2001, Jim was selected for the "Leadership in School Psychology" award by the New York Association of School Psychologists.

Jim has presented to teachers, school administrators, and parents in the Central New York area, throughout New York State, and in other parts of the nation on effective academic and behavioral interventions, strategies for teaching 'defiant' students, curriculum-based measurement, and school-wide violence prevention planning.

You can contact Jim Wright if your school district or organization is interested in professional development in topics such as:

  • Academic Interventions That Really Work
  • Behavioral Interventions That Really Work
  • Strategies for Working With Emotionally Unpredictable & Defiant Kids
  • A Teacher's Guide to Using Curriculum-Based Assessment
  • Violence Prevention in Schools: Effective Steps to Safer Classrooms
  • An Introduction to Pre-Referral Instructional Support Teams

Contact information:
Jim Wright, M.S., C.A.S.
School Psychologist/School Administrator
Ph: 315.635-4570